Highball values your privacy.  In order to help you make your purchase and send you the product you ordered, we do need to collect certain information.  This is how we use that information:

  • If you use our web checkout to pay via credit card we never see your full credit card information.  It is sent direct from the checkout form to the credit card processing company via a secure encrypted connection.  We never see it.  We do not store it.
  • If you are kind enough to sign up for our newsletter we promise never to sell your email address.  We will use your email address only to send you the occasional newsletter.
  • We will need your email address when you place an order, but we promise to only use the email address for order related purposes.  We promise not to add you to our newsletter without your permission and we promise never to sell your email address.
  • We use cookies on this site. Cookies are used to keep track of your shopping cart items and other uses that enable the website to keep track of you from page to page ("state").
  • We may use information about what items you are interested in to target helpful ads, coupons or offers to you.  These will never be ads or products from a third party.