Workin on the Coast Starlight DVD
By Pentrex

Workin on the Coast Starlight DVD
1 Hour 12 Mins


Product Description

Pentrex joins the crew of the Coast Starlight at Los Angeles Union Station and travels through to Seattle, interviewing engineers, conductors and service personnel along the way. Go behind the scenes to see the support the train and crew receive. The employees know they are on Amtrak’s premier train, with one employee saying “It’s not so much where you go, but how you get there that matters".

The crew and support personnel are the stars of this show. However, the equipment and varied, beautiful scenery is not given short shrift. (42 minutes)

BONUS: A public relations film showing the premier train of the 1950s, the California Zephyr. Put out by the three railroads that ran the CZ, this color film shows how travel in style used to look. Includes a news report from 1970 marking the end of the original CZ train and route. (30 minutes)