Union Pacifics Triple Track Main (North Platte To Gibbon)
By Highball Productions

Union Pacifics Triple Track Main (North Platte To Gibbon)
2 Hours


Product Description

Awesome action on the busiest piece of freight railroad in the world, with an average of 125 trains in 24 hours. Loads of SD90/43MAC's and C6044AC's on manifests, coal trains and intermodals, plus CNW and SP power, and run-throughs. UP is working on triple tracking the complete line between North Platte and Gibbon Junction, the trains follow in a constant parade. On the day we actually counted, we saw 85 between 6:30 am and 9:00 pm, this really is big time railroading. This is a tape for motive power fans, exciting and fast paced, with LOTS of meets. Say farewell to famous Buttermilk Curve, it's being straightened and we caught plenty of action there. See aerial views of Bailey Yard, biggest in the world, and some stunning sunset scenes.