Union Pacific Super Cabs & Steam DVD
By WB Video Productions

Union Pacific Super Cabs & Steam DVD
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1 Hour 20 Mins

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Product Description

There is a new look on the Union Pacific mainline. The revolutionary new wide cab EMD SD60M's and GE Dash 8-40CW's are taking the lead up Sherman these days. And now the Union Pacific's ambitious steam program has given rise to frequent steam freights by 844 and 3985. So here's your chance to become acquainted with the new super engines and renew old friendships with those super engines of the past. You'll see it all in this new 88 minute WB Video program featuring broadcast footage by Dave Gross with Hi-Fi Stereo Sound and narration by Rege Cordic.

Featured: UNION PACIFIC SUPER CABS - EMD SD60M and GE Dash 8-40CW. UNION PACIFIC 844 - St. Louis NRHS Convention Freight, enroute. Freight on Kansas Pacific. Wyoming, Idaho Centennial Passenger. UNION PACIFIC 3985 -Cheyenne, LaSalle Test Run, Freight. APL Double Stack. River City Round Up Freight, enroute. Jacket Photography: Al Chione, Jean Gross 1991 WB Video Productions. All Rights Reserved