Thoroughbreds Across the Alleghenies 3+ Hours!
By Broken Knuckle Video Productions

Thoroughbreds Across the Alleghenies 3+ Hours!
3 Hours 30 Mins



Product Description

Since the Pennsylvania Railroad opened its route through the Allegheny Mountains, the line has remained one of North America's busiest mountain passes. Ownership of the line has changed hands several times, but the drama of heavy trains climbing the grade and the engineering feat known as Horseshoe Curve keeps train enthusiasts and photographers coming back!

We visited the region during October in 2016 and 2019 and recorded the action at all the spots including Tyrone, Brickyard, The Curve, Benny, Lilly, Portage, South Fork and more! A decent variety of motive power and trains, along with beautiful autumn colors! Informative narration will not dominate the live audio, but will give you the story about the trains that you see!

DVD - 2 Discs
Blu-Ray - 1 Disc

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