The Last Steamers of the Colorado & Southern DVD
By WB Video Productions

The Last Steamers of the Colorado & Southern DVD
SKU: WB019
52 Mins


Product Description

Experience the last Days of Steam on the Colorado & Southern Division of the Burlington Railroad.They were among the last standard gauge steamers to see regular service in the nation. In 1958 to 1960 Dave Gross was on hand to capture these beautifully kept steam locomotives on 16mm color film. From Denver to Wyoming, against a magnificent backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, watch 2-10-2 #900, 2-8-2 #807, 2-8-2 #4978, 2-8-0 #641 and others perform their duties to the last. Also, in a breath-taking winter sequence, you'll ride steam rotary snowplow #99201 clearing the Leadville to Climax Branch.In the late '50's, rail buffs from all over the country converged on Colorado to see these last moments and now they are yours in high quality DVD. 52 minutes, color and sound.Photographs: Dave Gross Copyright 1986 WB Video Productions. All rights reserved.

NOTE: This presentation has audio on one channel which means sound will only come out of one of your two speakers.