Tehachapi 1980s Part 1 and Part 2 The Santa Fe and The Southern Pacific
By WB Video Productions

Tehachapi 1980s Part 1 and Part 2 The Santa Fe and The Southern Pacific
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1 Hour 46 Mins


Product Description

Two Disc Special! Filmed in the 1980's on Tehachapi Pass

Disc One... TEHACHAPI Part 1: The Santa Fe
Photographed in 1984 and 1986, the classic Santa Fe caboose still trails most trains as they roar through the scenic canyons and over the engineering marvel of California's Tehachapi Loop. An exciting pacing sequence follows a long freight over the Loop and onto the Mojave Desert. You'll also see examples of the flashy red & yellow paint scheme that was used during the failed merger attempt by the Santa Fe and Southern Pacific. This program captures the power and scenery of this busy mountain division. 56 minutes.

Disc Two... TEHACHAPI Part II: The Southern Pacific
When this program was produced in 1986, The Southern Pacific still maintained its own identity even though you will see glimpses of the red & yellow merger paint scheme. It is also a time when the Southern Pacific "Tank Train" still thunders over spectacular Tehachapi Loop. As an added attraction, see steamer #4449 with the May 1984 passenger special in "Daylight" colors. See it on the Loop, at a station stop and near Mojave as it heads for the New Orleans World's Fair. This is modern railroading at its best...through the green mountains of Tehachapi Pass and up onto the high Mojave Desert. 50 minutes.

Cover photo by Al Chione. Copyright 1986 WB Video Productions