Steel and Ice The Trolley Days of Winter
By Transit Gloria Mundi

Steel and Ice The Trolley Days of Winter
50 Mins


Product Description

It's magic! Against snowy scenes of the city in winter, streetcars festooned with icicles emerge from the driving flakes. The sweepers come, whisking the snow in billowy clouds of crystal white. The cars seem to float past on tracks that are all but invisible in the glistening snow, gliding down nearly empty suburban streets, or through the white-on-white of private right-of-way.

In Steel And Ice: The Trolley Days of Winter, Transit Gloria Mundi has gathered some of the most stunning motion pictures ever collected of traction operations in the snow, and combined them with a haunting musical score to create an evocative picture of traction operations in the deep of winter.

Systems shown include: Pittsburgh, Washington DC, Ottawa, Quebec-Ste. Anne, North Shore, New York City, Newark, Boston, Philadelphia City and Suburban, and Baltimore Light Rail.

Features footage of: Russell E. Jackson; and Carvey Davis, Charles Dengler (coll.George Gula), Arthur Ellis, Henry Elsner, Jr., Ken Helsel (coll. Larry Glick), Roger Jenkins, Richard Kehm, Michael Lavelle (coll. Richard Keegan), M.F. McGrew, Ara Mesrobian, George Roush, and Robert Wasche.