Steam In the Harz - German Narrow Gauge
By Highball Productions

Steam In the Harz - German Narrow Gauge
2 Hours


Product Description

The Harz Mountains in Northern Germany, formerly East Germany, is home to the largest steam powered meter gauge system in Europe. Chunky 2-10-2 tank engines are the mainstay of the three line system (Harzquerbahn, Brockenbahn and Selketalbahn) and power all service trains up the 3% 12 mile climb up to the Brocken. Charming 0-4-4-0 Mallet tanks and an 0-6-0 tank are used in regular service as well as enthusiasts specials, and a 2-6-2 tank is also available for enthusiasts specials. YouĂ­ll see double headers, spectacular side by side departures and a variety of regualar and secial trains. Some awesome stack talk!