Southern Tier Connections Volume 2 DVD
By Broken Knuckle Video Productions

Southern Tier Connections Volume 2 DVD
1 Hour 35 Mins


Product Description

From the video cameras of Tim Wakeman and Jerry Albertie, this exciting look at some great action on the NYS&W "S & U" lines (The Northern Division) will bring back memories, teach the history and capture the highlights of operations from 1987 to 1997! You will see and experience...

The Stone train operation on the Richfield Springs Branch!
Cab ride on NYS&W #3000 as it works and then assists a heavy southbound over Paris Hill!
The run of freshly painted NW2 (in the NYO&W scheme) to the "Railroad Days" in Norwich!
MILW 4-8-4 #261 on an excursion between Binghamton & Syracuse!
A preview of Volume 3, which will be released before the end of this year!
An excellent photo slideshow from the program's contributors!

Produced with the assistance from former NYS&W Dispatcher William Moll and other employees!

One hour, 35 minutes - Narrated - Mono and Stereo live audio - Includes a paper map of the Northern Division!