Santa Fe Salute! DVD
By Pentrex

Santa Fe Salute! DVD
1 Hour


Product Description

A real SALUTE! to the ATSF, with a history of the road, a detailed look at the Super Chief, a cab ride and a caboose on nearly every freight! Originally released in 1989 and by Pentrex in 1994, this is the first time it has appeared on DVD.
Take a trip on the Santa Fe - all the way back to its founding and forward in time to the late 19880s. The end of an era is close at hand her and Santa Fe F-units and FP45s head up the SUper Chief and the San Francisco Chief just prior to Amtrak's takeover. Then hop aboard Santa Fe's first cross-country piggyback train, the Super C. We see the Super C out of LA, over Cajon Pass to Belen and then pulling into Chicago.

A short list of what is included in this amazing video: 90 MPH cab Ride, First Generation Warbonnets at work, ALCO PAs doing their passenger work, many named trains, the high-speed intermodal the Santa Fe became famous for...and a caboose ride. Hop aboard and give a Santa Fe Salute!