One Mans Trolleys - George Krambles DVD DVD
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One Mans Trolleys - George Krambles DVD DVD
54 Mins


Product Description

His remarkable narrative is a personal excursion through the heritage of electric railroading, from the twilight of the Indiana Railroad through today's Chicago Transit Authority and beyond.

This video begins with Kramble's at the Illinois Railroad Museum, where he shows us some famous cars, including the restored Electroliner and Indiana Lightweight. We then follow Krambles to Chicago, where four decades of rapid transit progress parallel his own rise to become Executive Director of the Chicago Transit Authority. Remarkable footage covers all the important developments: the elevateds, the building of the subway, the interurbans, the formation of the Transit Authority, and especially the Skokie Swift.

One Man's Trolleys consists mostly of archival footage; the balance of the show is a well-paced blend of modern video from the Illinois Railroad Museum and the CTA's new Midway line, as well as interviews with Krambles industry colleagues, and some historic stills. Bill Warrick (of Midwest Traction Classics fame) produced the show; Krambles hosts and narrates. Running time is 54 minutes, mostly color.