Norfolk & Western Steam in the 1950s Volume 3
By Main Line Motion Pictures

Norfolk & Western Steam in the 1950s Volume 3
1 Hour 5 Mins


Product Description

Heavy freights and locals, passenger runs, excursions and engine's being serviced - it's all here as we look at the N&W in the 1950s. This is rare color film footage now brought to you edited and transferred to DVD. We see the famous Virginia Creeper on the Abingdon Branch as well as streamlined K Class steam on the "Punkin' Vine Line". Well see lots of heavy steam on heavy freights and 611 on a fan trip in 1959.

We get to see an S-1 Class on the turntable, and inside the engine facility at Roanoke where we also see the coaling tower being coaled up.

See freights headed up by big 2-8-8-2 steam as Y3, Y6a and Y6b locomotives. The 611 makes an appearance and we see some early diesels. Film from railfans Howard Ameling, Richard Kimball and Bill Clarke. Shot on silent film and that is how it comes to you, backed with music, as silent "film" now on DVD. 8mm color and B&W film, silent with music. No narration/sound.