Michigan Ore Lines 30 Years on the Marquette Iron Range DVD
By Pentrex

Michigan Ore Lines 30 Years on the Marquette Iron Range DVD
1 Hour 54 Mins


Product Description

Hover over an ore dock as a laker is filled with taconite. Be in the cab with an ore train stretched out behind you. Chase ore jennies through the northwoods in 2019. All that and more awaits you in "Michigan Ore Lines, 30 Years on the Marquette Range". The core of this program is a 1989 look at the Lake Superior & Ishpeming, The Chicago & Northwestern and the Escanaba & Lake Superior railroads covering the Marquette Iron Range in the Upper Peninsula during a busy time for the ore industry.

In action shots the LS&I fleet of ALCo road switchers is seen smoking it up on ore drags along with the last operating U25C anywhere. A short visit to E&LS shows Baldwin action and finds newly acquired "Reserve Mining" SD-9s in operation. The C&NW gets into the act with first generation power working the Escanaba ore dock and modern C&NW units are seen on ore drags.

But we don't leave you in the "way back machine"! Take to the sky and see current LS&I, including dock, operations and we chase an LS&I train in 2019. The new footage is incorporated into the main show, however, you can also watch in original wide screen as a separate chapter. A bonus is the 1952 industry film "Iron Country". This vintage film features information on ore facility operations in the early 1950s.