Manchester International 2000
By Highball Productions

Manchester International 2000
2 Hours


Product Description

Visiting Manchester after Heathrow was interesting, I expected it to be the same on a smaller scale. Not So! Looking through the tape I counted over 50 airlines, many not seen at LHR. MAN is a single runway airport (at the moment, a second is being built) and can be pretty wild, being the busiest British airport outside London. Apart from BA (and it's disappearing colorful tails) & British Midland, the big carriers are JMC Air, Air 2000, Britannia and Monarch. Some of the other carriers seen are Manx, Air Malta, Air Scandic, Kenya Airways, Portugalia, TransAer, Air Hong Kong and of course many others. Aircraft range from the smallest, through BAC 111's to A300's, A330's, B777's and B747's. Taped in September, 2000. On screen graphics identify the aircraft.