Logging Railroads of the Sierras DVD
By Pentrex

Logging Railroads of the Sierras DVD
20 Mins


Product Description

Travel back to the 1950s to visit both the West Side Lumber Company in 1951 and the Pickering Lumber Company in 1953. Follow the logs as they are cut and transported back to the mills to be cut into boards. View the various Heisler and Shay locomotives in action and learn the strengths of each.

The rare footage of this film gives you a great opportunity to witness a fascinating operation that exists only on this DVD and in memory.

20 Minutes
Beautiful Color and Narration
Presented in Standard Definition 4x3 Format
Copyright 1991, 2014
ISBN: 1-56342-362-6
UPC: 7-48268-00645-6