Cass Scenic Railroad DVD
By Pentrex

Cass Scenic Railroad DVD
52 Mins


Product Description

Each spring, the Cass Scenic Railroad in West Virginia opens its tourist season with a special event known as the Cass Railfan Weekend. Trains that aren t regularly a part of the season'sschedule are operated then to the delight of riders and photographers. Pentrex takes you back to 1990 to experience the extra runs and excitement of that year'sRailfan Weekend and discover why Cass draws crowds back year after year.

A parade of steam opens the event with a spectacular display. Three Shay locomotives, Numbers 2, 3 and 4, run side-by-side down the triple tracks, spewing great billows of steam and thrilling the crowd with their antics. Then the Shays triple-head to Bald Knob at the top of Black Allegheny Mountain with a passenger train in tow, followed closely by a vintage log train pulled by the railroad'sHeisler locomotive.

The Shays make numerous run-bys as they struggle up the daunting eleven percent grades of the mountainside. You ll ride in the cabs of several as the firemen work intensely to keep the hungry engines fueled with shovel after shovelful of coal. The locomotives intricate systems of shafts, flywheels, and gears are seen close up as they strain to pull the trains uphill. Cass Scenic has it all: unusual locomotives, vintage cars, and fabulous scenery. Here'syour chance to enjoy it at its best!

DVD Special Feature:

* Chapter Menus provides instant access to program segments.

52 Minutes
In Color with Hi-Fi Sound and Narration
Full-screen (4x3) Format
No region code; can be played in NTSC DVD players worldwide
Packaged in Sturdy Vinyl Clamshell Case
ISBN: 1-56342-237-9
UPC: 7-48268-00520-6
Produced by Pentrex 1990. Released on DVD 2007