Canfors Englewood Railway
By Pentrex

Canfors Englewood Railway
45 Mins

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At the turn of the century there were scores of logging railroads on Canada's Vancouver Island. Now there is just one. Pentrex takes you for an "up-close" visit to the Englewood Logging Division of Canadian Forest Products, LTD., where logs move from forest to the sea on a 76-mile-long logging railway that is the backbone of a modern forest operation. Visit the dispatcher's office. Ride the cab of unique diesels on the log train. We'll see how the railroad's restored 2-8-2 No. 113 has become a goodwill ambassador for the company while still being able to "earn her keep" hauling logs occasionally. Canfor's Englewood Railway may be one of the best-kept secrets in railroading, and this video shows you why!45 MinutesIn Color with Live Audio and Narration

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