Big Steam's Last Stand - Winter on Jingpeng Pass
By Highball Productions

Big Steam's Last Stand - Winter on Jingpeng Pass
2 Hours


Product Description

China's Jitong Railway is the last big steam hauled main line in the world, with double headed QJ 2-10-2's taking trains over Jingpeng Pass. We visited Jingpeng Pass in Mongolia in February, 2003 to take in the sights and sounds of big steam working hard, and what a trip it was. We visted the shops at Shenyang to see QJ's being overhauled, the sheds and shops at Deban (it's like travelling back in time 50 years) then watched the action over Jingpeng Pass, visited the CTC room at Shangdian, watched servicing at Jingpeng and had a cab ride over the pass. What an experience being on the second engine working hard upgrade through a tunnel! Awesome big steam action!