Big Boy 4014 Update DVD - The 2014 Beginning of the Big Boy Miracle
By Pentrex

Big Boy 4014 Update DVD - The 2014 Beginning of the Big Boy Miracle
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1 Hour


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Exciting footage from 2014 when Big Boy 4014 was towed out of California, on her way to Cheyenne!For more than half a century, Union Pacific's Big Boy 4014 was on display in Pomona, CA. In 2013, Union Pacific began the process to move and restore it back into excursion service, which would make 4014 the ultimate rolling museum as it showcases UP in its finest era. But before that can happen, the massive 4-8-8-4 would have to be moved from its resting spot at the RailGiants Train Museum in Southern California to Cheyenne, WY where UP bases its steam power.Plenty of work was required to get the big locomotive on the move, from the temporary snap track across a huge parking lot to getting it back on the mainline. Several stops were made along the way to inspect the Big Boy. Both the media and large crowds of fans took part in this historic event. Pentrex covered this extraordinary move throughout much of Southern California.Big Boy 4014 Update will show the tireless steam crew erecting the temporary track across the parking lot. Watch 4014 as it's towed by a front-end loader under the watchful eye of the steam crew. Witness the moment when a UP diesel coupled onto the tender of 4014 to the delight of cheering crowds. Towed by modern diesel power, many great runbys were made as the train began its journey to Cheyenne. Several meets with opposing freight traffic were also made on Cajon Pass.Come join Pentrex in watching history unfold in Big Boy 4014 Update! 1 Hour, Beautiful Color with Stereo Sound and Narration, Presented in Widescreen Standard Definition Format, No region code; can be played in NTSC DVD players worldwide, Copyright 2014 ISBN: 1-56342-358-8 UPC: 7-48268-00641-8 Special features:This DVD includes the option of watching the program with or without narration.