At the Throttle Cab Ride Vol 6 DVD
By Pentrex

At the Throttle Cab Ride Vol 6 DVD
2 Hours 44 Mins


Product Description

Welcome to Volume 6 of our exciting At the Throttle Cab Ride series! In this program, we'll show you a railroader's perspective and a whole lot more as we once again take to the rails in Southern California. Not only is this production the longest of our At the Throttle shows, it's the most varied. This time, our cameras have been placed on top of, in front of, inside, behind, and even underneath many BNSF consists. With each scene lasting only a few minutes, you'll be constantly entertained by new and interesting vantage points and locales.Starting off on the San Bernardino Subdivision, we move to Barstow, Cajon, Hobart Yard, Santa Ana Canyon, the Harbor Sub, the Alameda Corridor, and many other busy areas. The really unique aspect of this coverage comes from the way you'll see the tracks, the trucks and axles, and surrounding terrain as the trains go about their duties. Some of the camera placements include roof mount on the lead and rear engines; on the knuckle; underneath, inside, and on top of the steps; on the cars; inside the cabs; and even between the rails as the train rolls overhead. This gives you a chance to experience railroading in a way no other program can provide. It's an exciting way to live life on the rails close up and personal. Join us for a rare adventure in At the Throttle Cab Ride Volume 6 – A Railroader's Perspective!2 Hours 44 MinutesIn Color with Hi-Fi Sound and NarrationPresented in Standard Definition 4x3 FormatNo region code; can be played in NTSC DVD players worldwidePackaged in Sturdy Vinyl Clamshell CaseISBN: 1-56342-307-3UPC: 7-48268-00590-9Copyright Pentrex 2011

IMPORTANT NOTE: It has come to our attention that there is a very minor error on this title at minute marker 1:33:28. There is a half-second blip here that may or may not even be visible. We tried it on 4 machines, and on one you can see the blip (like a missing frame or two), and on the other machines, nothing was visible. The customer that reported this said the DVD froze up at this mark.