1522 Peach Blossom Special
By Valhalla Video

1522 Peach Blossom Special
58 Mins


Product Description

1994 was a tumultuous year for the Norfolk Southern steam program. The 1994 NRHS convention was held in Atlanta, and featured what turned out to be the last great showing of the Norfolk Southern steam program.

This video features the spectacular journey of Frisco No. 1522 from St. Louis to the Atlanta convention, including the fabulous double-header with N&W No. 611 from Birmingham to Atlanta. The 1522 was noted for its very loud exhaust bark and lovely steamboat whistle. Sadly, this locomotive was recently retired from excursion service, and this trip can never be repeated. N&W 611 was retired in 1994, as seen in our video 611: The Final Excursion. See and hear the 1522 working hard through the Ozarks with a heavy train and no diesels in sight. Running time 58 minutes.