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About Highball Productions

Highball Productions is a leading provider of videos for the world railfan community. We feature railroad subject videos from all across the United States, Canada and indeed the entire world. Highball Productions was founded by a photographer/railfan and is currently owned by railfans. Railfan videos for railfans by railfans! Four of our programs have won awards and all have been well received by the railfan community. We feature railroad programs from every corner of the world. And from just about every fan favorite subject, from cab rides to steam to trams and even boats – and planes! We now feature Valhalla Video Productions programs as well. Valhalla has a variety of steam and electric programs, but is known for their trolley and light rail programs. Take a look at the navigation menu to your left and explore all we have to offer!

Our Founder

Peter Crook - Founder
That is Peter, at the computer with his editing assistant.

Peter Crook came over to the USA after having surprised himself by being born in the United Kingdom. After having worked for British Rail, it was quite a jolt getting used to American railroads when he arrived in the USA in 1977. He became a US citizen after 9/11, when, as he says, “I figured it was time to stand up and be counted.” Peter is only “semi-retired” having agreed to keep shooing and editing railroad videos for Highball Productions.

For Equipment Enthusiasts

Highball Productions field crew on location in
Blackpool, England. Photo by Andy Knott.

Peter’s latest camera is a Sony DVCam DSR-450WS, which shoots in widescreen, and is capable of resolving more than 800 lines, true broadcast quality.  Peter’s stealth camera, for taking overseas without getting customs agents all hot and bothered, is a Sony HDV Z1U, which also shoots in widescreen. The lens on the 450WS is a 20-1 with a doubler, making it the equivalent of about 1600mm for a 35mm camera. Editing is done on a Mac G5 with Final Cut Studio and dumped to Betacam SP for the master. Quality is important throughout the process of bringing you railroad programs from around the world.