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To the Top Of the World By Steam the Darjeeling - Himalayan Railway

To the Top Of the World By Steam the Darjeeling - Himalayan Railway
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The Darjeeling - Himalayan is totally charming, and once out of the frenetic lower portion, so are the people, especially the children. We start our journey at Siliguri, not quite the start of the railway, but the site of the engine shed, and an Indian Rail station, so there are 3 gauges, broad gauge, meter gauge and the two foot Darjeeling. During the journey, the railway crosses Hill Cart Road 177 times, and rises 6874 feet to the summit at Ghum. Kanchenjunga, the second or third highest mountain in the world (depends on who's figures you use) at over 28,000 feet was visible from near Darjeeling, it's mostly not! You'll take a ride on the train, and see some of the scenery and the people as well as seeing the trains in action. The D-H is now a UNESCO world heritage site, and a truly outstanding, delightful little railway. And for a bonus, you'll see the sugar mill at Riga in Bihar province, it's 0-8-0T, an odd critter, ox carts and kids!

Length: 1 Hour 40 Minutes
DVD Item #: DHRW
Blu-Ray Item #: BRDHR
Screen Format: Wide Screen (16:9)
Video Format: NTSC
Region: 0 (plays worldwide)
Estimated Year Shot: 2007 infoinfoThis may not be an accurate indication of the year this title was shot. If not specified in the description, we generally use the Copyright date as an indicator of when this video was shot and produced.

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